Android Development - A quick start guide for beginners

Hello!!! This is my second article and it's completely focused for beginners. Well, you wanna create an Android App by own ? Here's the quick guide to get started with Android Development.

What is Android ?

      Android is the most popular OS in the world and its linux based operating system developed by google. It runs on almost every devices like Smartphones, Tablet, Wear, Android Auto, Android TV etc. Android is free and open source it means that any one can customize the source code of android as their wish. It is the family of  a UNIX like operating system. It is written in Java, C and C++. The very first Android SDK 1.0 is released in September 2008. HTC is the first android handset in the world.

Why Java ?

      In Android, Java is the object oriented programming language which is basically used for writing android applications. You can play around with the android and java sdk in your code to make android apps. Java is the base for android development and you've to understand the concepts like variables, datatypes, classes & objects, constructors, inheritance and more. Overall these are the most fundamental concepts for android developments.

Android SDK(Software Development Kit)

      Android SDK is a set of software development tools to build android applications. It includes Android API's, Debugging tools, Sample Source codes, Emulator, Documentations and more. Android SDK is released whenever a new version of android is released by google. It's compatible with operating systems like windows, mac, linux etc.

Installing Android Studio :

       Android Studio is the google's official integrated development environment (IDE)  for developing android applications. You can download it from here. It bundles with Android SDK also and its highly recommend to install JDK(Java Development Kit) on you machine before installing Android Studio and set the path environment variable as well. Once you installed Java, then it's easy to install android studio by way of installation wizard steps.

    Features :

                1. Instant Run

                2. Intelligent Code Editor

                3. Fast and Feature rich emulator

                4. Robust and  flexible build system

                5. Develop for all Android Devices

                6. Code template and GitHub integration

Bottom Line :

       Learning Android is very simple than learning any other app development and its good to understand the core concepts of Java before moving into Android Development. The Android's Official Document is enough to get started to developing an android app for Android Platform. I highly recommend to buy a Nanodegree course from Udacity and it's created by Google. They'll teach from basics to advanced concepts and the instructors are employees of Google. Just give it a try..

Happy Coding :) See you in the next tutorial.


Vinoth Vino