Getting started with Python

What is Python ?

     Python is a object oriented and high level programming language which is created by Guido Van Rossum. Python has clear syntax and it's readable one so it's very easy to get started with programming. If you're new to programming then I strongly recommend you to get started with Python. Do you know why python is famous ?  Top most sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Dropbox, Reddict these are all using Python programming language. Python is interpreted language this means the interpreter will parse the python program line by line when you run the program and the python is little bit slower than Java.

Features :

  •  Easy to read - It is easy to read because of clear syntax.
  •  Portable - Python is portable which means you can install python on any hardware platform.
  •  Python is free -  Python is free and anyone can download and install it from
  •  GUI - With python you can develop GUI application too.
  •  Library - It has huge libraries
  •  Integrated - It can easily integrated with languages like C,C++ and Java
  •  Dynamically Typed - Python is dynamically typed one so it automatically detect their type based on their values. So developers no need to define the datatype.

Python is everywhere: 

    Python is used by many companies like Google, Yahoo, Reddict, Facebook, Quora, Nasa and more. Now you guys came to know why python is famous. So if you're new to programming environment then just go for python. You can create almost any applications using python. For ex : Web Application using python frameworks like Django and Flask, Multimedia application, Console based application, Enterprise application, Game development using pygame, Machine learning and Data Analysis.

Conclusion :

       Python is used by top most companies now and in future also. See this link for some of the organisations uses python. Python is the fastest growing programming languages. It's upto you, learn anything but don't lose your hope. Just keep learning....

Vinoth Vino